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Dining Room

for your sport and relax

Dining Room

A formal sitting room on the western side of the podere leads to generous internal dining room. Just outside, the Southern Terrace, complete with seating area, is ideal for a lazy afternoon in the breeze. But come the evening, the spectacle of a red-hot sunset over Montalcino and the Sienese countryside, will hold you breathless. A true pilgrimage for every evening at Podere Palazzone.
Main House

The spacious entrance leads to the court-yard, surrounded by skyward reaching arches on all sides. A glass roof now covers what was once an open atrium, the luminous and airy sensation still preserved in the fulcrum of the house.


The stone steps leading to the first floor tell the time of history. On the first floor, the master-bedroom is accompanied by three other spacious bed-rooms, accommodating eight of the twelve person’s capacity of the podere.


Crafted in first-choice Italian travertino and oak, differing in design and lay-out, each of the seven bath-rooms are individual expressions for your comfort and care. Emerge refreshed and revitalized.


A spacious kitchen in Carrara Marble with all of the modern electrical appliances necessary and an internal, stone fire-place and grill are at your culinary disposal. Easy alfresco dining is just outside the kitchen, on the East or South Terrace.

Swimming Pool

Relaxing is ensured by the swimming pool and Jacuzzi at all times of the day. Paved in local Travertino, the infinity pool offers magnificent views of Montepulciano nestled on top of the hill at 600 meters above sea level.


Separated by a traditional bread-oven from the main house, the extension offers a self-contained apartment. It accommodates four guests in two double rooms as well as a sitting room, kitchen and private terrace.

Dining Room