Holiday Rental

Podere Palazzone

An exceptional villa for an exceptional holiday.

Vacations in Val d'Orcia

A traditional Tuscan farm-house comes to life in modern and elegant comfort, with views second to none.
Transform your podere to villa.

Real Estate

Tre Fonti Estate offers three magnificent poderi for purchase.
A dominant view.

Podere Belvedere

There is enormous potential to realise an impressive and beautiful home, with scope to design a unique and interesting living areas that make use of the original features and architectural highlights that remain.
Private and personal.

Podere Donacciana

Pass through the spectacular arch, with the ``Giglio di Firenze`` at its zenith; close the wrought-iron gate behind you and immerse yourself in privacy. The complete restoration of Podere Donacciana must be made to your taste, specifications and requirements.
Nature and nurture.

Podere Poderuccio

Preservation is synonymous with Poderuccio. This 43 hectare portion of the estate boasts a rare ``cipressaia``, almost 2 hectares of white Truffle Reserve, extensive woodland, and all encapsuled in the wider, 800 ha Palazzo Massaini Wildlife and Hunting Reserve. Nature nurtures an increadible bio-diversity on Poderuccio.


History at your door-step. A continuous network of white roads and vineyards to bike through, and forest paths to hike. The pursuit for culture, sport and fabulous culinary traditions are all in the vicinity and waiting to be discovered.

Sensations & Suggestions

Sensations from our guests at Podere Palazzone.
Suggestions for an active and fulfilling vacation.